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Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Find out more about us and how you can team up with a Youth Association focused on progress, sustainability and social inclusion.

Commitment, that's the key for everything we do. To be committed to something is, putting it simple, to be able to bring the best within ourselves to something. At our association, we are aim to integrate new ideas and to break the chains of stigma, which have been conflicting with progress for centuries.

Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker. Expose your ideas to the danger of controversy. Speak your mind and fear less the label of crackpot than the stigma of conformity.” - Thomas J. Watson

To understand better what you can do for us, read a bit of what we did and our working methods for an active system.

PODES - Starting Point

It all started in 2008, a team of amazing and progressive Generation X entrepreneurs founded the association PODES ("You can" in Portuguese) with the mission of opening up our nation to the #EuropeanCommunity, focusing on social inclusion, communication and media.

From there, they started applying for a number of different projects, mainly scooping social integration of disable people, individuals awaken from coma, sports as a means for inclusion. They fought obesity, brought new knowledge of the European Union to Portugal and started to develop a network of partners from 15 differentC countries.

CommitmentPlanet was born from the active community of volunteers and partners to this association. The Generation X individuals convinced their children and other active youth members of the community and took them to places.

Yes, our team came from there: we got to fly and see new countries, while making somehow a difference in different topics and areas of social problems or stagnation of policies. Together, and thanks to all international partners that we have got the chance to work with, PODES made a significant difference in the areas of Coma Awakening and developing protocols for Sports as means to social inclusion.

#Insport one, two & three (also known as Insport+)

Thanks to the municipally of Prato (Italy) this project was created, on the purpose of creating a network of associations across Europe committed to foster the social inclusion of people suffering from mental health problems through sport.

We took actions since 2013 and have been at 8 different countries, either on local associations for people with disabilities or at rehabilitation centers for physical disabilities and addiction.

Our greatest pleasure and gratitude to all people involved in this project. The overall conclusion was great and lead Insport to an official project connecting europeans to solidarity and research on the matter of sports. A multitude of events is still occurring every year.

Partner with us!

We're happy to support existing or developing projects, proving our worth as partners, lead partners and data analysts. Let us know how we can support you by writing to



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