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Sports Inc. Initiative Teaches Inclusive Entrepreneurship for People with Disabilities | Erasmus+

CommitmentPlanet NGO is proud to announce that it is the Lead Partner of the "Sports Inc." initiative, a new program aimed at teaching entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers in the sports and leisure sector, as well as civil society organizations, how to create services and products for people with disabilities or special needs.

The Sports Inc. initiative is urgently needed because people with disabilities make up 25% of the total European population. Despite progress in recent years, they still face considerable barriers to accessing education, employment, recreational activities, and are at greater risk of social exclusion. The Covid-19 pandemic has widened the obstacles and inequalities.

The goal of the Sports Inc. initiative is to develop a learning program that provides (potential) entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers in the sports and leisure sector, as well as civil society organizations, with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to conceive, design, develop, implement, and market a service (or product offering) tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of people with disabilities or special needs, either by recovering their existing business or creating a new (social) enterprise.

The Sports Inc. program will be an e-learning platform for companies and organizations, accessible on the official website ( The program has several specific objectives, including identifying industry challenges and context through mapping and research, developing an accessible and validated learning program, and promoting the use of results through comprehensive sharing and promotion activities.

One of the main focuses of Sports Inc. is to help existing and potential (social) entrepreneurs, including those with disabilities and special needs, to understand the needs of their customers and create inclusive and innovative products and services. The program will also help these entrepreneurs align their internal processes and analyze the social impact of their work. Additionally, the program will help adult educators in civil society organizations improve their (social) entrepreneurship skills and support their members in starting their own (social) enterprises.

People with disabilities and special needs are the main beneficiaries of the Sports Inc. program, as they will be the end-users of inclusive sports and leisure activities offered. Civil society organizations that start their own (social) enterprises will also provide work-based learning and employment opportunities for this vulnerable group.

The Sports Inc. initiative will pay special attention to the involvement of participants with disabilities or special needs and ensure equal treatment and inclusion for all. The learning program will be accessible through the use of specific sources, writing style, and translation into international sign language for key parts. Sports Inc. will also work to improve communication and cooperation between educational centers, organizations supporting people with special needs, and those supporting social entrepreneurship through their sharing and promotion activities.

To learn more about the Sports Inc. program, visit the official website at Join CommitmentPlanet and the Sports Inc. initiative in the challenge of making sports and leisure more inclusive and accessible for all.



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